• Beginning of May, 2000: started to work on the topic.
  • June 8th, 2000: finished the theory, submitted for approval to E.S.R.: E.S.R. wanted a “diff” page (not enough time to read everything?).
  • June 9th, 2000: “diff” page finished, submitted to E.S.R. again.
  • January 13th, 2004: migration to new site started, with complete rewrite using Zope Structured Text.
  • November 6th, 2006: migration to new site.
  • August 30th, 2020: migration to new site.

Making of

All the HTML code in this document was originally written with the powerful VIM editor, and checked carefully for display correctness with the swift Lynx and Voyager (Amiga) browsers.

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