Again, Eric S. Raymond deserves most of the credits, as he is the one who has had the idea in the first place. Many other thanks are listed below.

The following illustrations are courtesy of the Demons Image Archive (formerly ).

Other illustrations made with the help of:


Thanks to the linguists and other people who unleashed Lojban in the public domain and documented it,

thanks to Nick Nicholas and other people for providing me with fully-fledged Lojban texts,

thanks to Pr. J.R.R. Tolkien for inventing all these fascinating languages and writings,

thanks to Eric S. Raymond for having whole idea of using the tengwar system to write Lojban in the first place,

thanks to the various people who provided us with information on the tengwar system,

thanks to the various people who provided us with computer fonts to make the digital use of the tengwar system easier,

thanks to D. Knuth for inventing the TeX/LaTeX typesetting software in the first place, and for all the people who made what necessary for me to use it at the end (I couldn’t have built all these neat tengwar samples without it),

thanks to all people who work on OSS, without whom this web page wouldn’t exist at all,

and finally, thanks to my cat for preventing me from getting bored of too much work from times to times.

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