Site use

I should have done what was necessary for not needing advanced features of such or such web browser to display correctly my HTML code, while using some of these features when available.

However, one or two points need further clarification.


When viewing some of the tehtar images, you may experience difficulty to see the tehta carrier if your browser uses a gray background. There should be no problems with any other background color.

For browsers which do not display images, I tried whenever possible to include relevant descriptions in the ALT(ernate) fields of picture tags. As these descriptions may be useful even when using a browser which displays image files, I suggest enabling an additional display of ALT fields (on some browsers, moving the cursor around an image cause a “popup” to appear showing the content of its ALT field).

You can access the directory where image files are stored, too.


A lot of work has been done to ensure that the display doesn’t depend on the presence of such or such font shape/family on your system. Nearly all tengwar samples are included as pictures; if you think that anything can be improved, please contact me.

In the rare cases where tengwar samples are given as text and not images, the text won’t display correctly without a font with the same encoding as Dan Smith’s miscellaneous Tengwar fonts (see the credits page for a link).