My work happens mostly as research, teaching and consulting. Written artifacts are available as articles on this site.

Artifacts of my past and current academic work, including teaching materials and publication record, are available on this separate web site.

The remainder of this page summarizes self-contained projects that I have supported or contributed to.


Open source contributions

Projects that I currently manage:

Project Description Techs Period
cockroachdb / errors Replacement errors library for Go aiming to provide network portability of error objects. Go 2019-current
go-libedit Go wrapper around the BSD libedit library. Go, C 2017-current
SL toolchain Compiler, core library and OS components for the SL language and Apple-CORE / Microgrid project. Python, C, assembly 2009-current

Projects to which I have made significant contributions:

Project Description Techs Period
CockroachDB Distributed SQL database engine. C++, Go 2016-current
CockroachDB docs Reference documentation for CockroachDB. Markdown 2017-current

Projects over which I maintain stewardship but without recent major activity:

Project Description Techs Period
shakespeare Scenario-based testing framework for distributed processes. Go, Unix processes 2019-current
go-binsize-viz Go executable size visualization using D3. Go, D3, Javascript 2019 (stable)
cppbench A benchmarking facility for C++ like Go’s go test -bench. C++ 2018 (stable)
go-strtime Stable strptime / strftime functions for Go. C, Go 2017 (stable)
compose-text Text templating for Go using functional combinators. Go 2017
MGSim Fast cycle-accurate simulation of multi-core, microthreaded systems. C++ 2009-2017 (stable)
Programming proficiency test Automated survey to assess programming proficiency. Python 2014-current
io::align C++ library and command-line utility to automatically align columnar output in text streams. C++ 2013 (stable)
io::fmt printf-like formatting for C++ I/O streams. C++ 2013 (stable)
Passphrase generator Opie implementation of the Diceware algorithm to generate passphrases in multiple languages. Shell script 2003 (stable)

Other software projects

I have made major contributions to the following projects, which are unfortunately not published as open source:

Project Description Techs Period
Roachdash Internal tool used by the CockroachDB team to monitor issues and pull requests on Github. Go, Javascript 2018-2019
Roachdir Internal directory used by the CockroachDB team to search and retrieve contact information for CockroachDB contributors. Python, Javascript 2018-2019

Non-technical projects

Project Description Period This web site. 2020-current
The dot on the ceiling Personal blog. 2003-current
Tengwar for Lojban Application of Tolkien’s Tengwar writing system to the constructed language Lojban. 1999-2006 (stable)
Jboski Web interface for the jbofi’e Lojban-to-English translator. 2002-2005

Community work

Project Description Period
SAC Mailing lists Mail hosting for the project mailing lists of the Single-Assignment C (SAC) project. 2017-current
Leerlijn Informatica​vaardigheden Knowledge and education database for CS Bachelor students at the University of Amsterdam. 2015-2017
Apple-CORE Web hosting for the research artifacts of the EU-funded Apple-CORE project. 2012-current
Coding style specification for EPITA (sources) Programming style standard for the EPITA students. 2001-2003